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Apple iPhone 11 Screen

Apple iPhone 11 Screen

AAA quality LCD screen for iPhone 11...

Apple iPhone 8 Screen

Apple iPhone 8 Screen

Top quality screen for iPhone 8...

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Screen

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Screen

Γνήσια οθόνη για το Xiaomi Redmi 5..


Highest quality possible. Original, Refurbished or High Copy Parts. Quality is our priority.

Fast EU Delivery

Fast next day delivery all over Europe by DHL Express.


Real Warranty, 12 months for screens and most parts.

About Mobilepartwholesale

Specialized mainly in Chinese brands, we bring you parts for mobile devices, based on High Quality, in low cost, for parts shops and repair centers.

We prefer original quality and refurbished, instead of cheap imitation parts, so that you can provide your customers the best quality and satisfaction.

Our prices are wholesale, giving you the ability to get your profit alongside with affordable prices, enhancing your sales.

We can deliver the goods to your door next day, by DHL Express.



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