Tempered Glass SmartDevil Xiaomi Mi Note 10

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SmartDevil's top tempered glass protectors exclusively at DrFix!

Protect your mobile phone screen with an excellent premium quality protective glass.

The tempered glass of SmartDevil offers impeccable protection and resistance to shocks, while they do not stand out from the screen of your mobile phone.
They also have all the popular coatings, such as filter for reflections and fingerprints.
Their durability is such that even in the event of a crack, the glass remains almost in excellent condition.

✔️ High quality materials
✔️ No blisters - Sticks evenly and strongly
✔️ It does not crumble when broken
✔️ 100% transparency
✔️ 9H strength: Not scratched
✔️ Olive-coated coating: Does not hold fingers - Easy to clean - Does not stick to the finger
✔️ 9D curved edges: Higher endurance
✔️ Full cover - With special liquid so that there is no gap in the edges for all models, the screen is curved.

The installation can be done in our store for free, with a special liquid so that there is no gap left in the edges in all the models where the screen is curved.

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